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Robert John Biedermann

Saw this Dark Play last night and thought it was wonderful. The staging was excellent with the main set piece being the bed which was set between the two halves of the audience. The young male leads (Clancy McCartney (his poor final consonant diction left some words difficult to understand) and Aaron KIrby) were always focused and always in the moment of the action. Loved how Sorin Brouwers and Jane deLaurbenfels played so many characters both male and female seamlessly. I especially liked when Sorin Brouwers played female characters without exaggeration, just a hint of the female persona to let us know that he was otherwise androgynous when not in one character or the other.
The pace of the show was excellent, never leaving you sitting back in your chair, always staying with the story. The minimalist set, costumes and props allowed the characters to shine through. Olivia Dustman was beautiful in both of her roles though sometimes the physical distinction was not always clear. What I did love was that all the characters that were created for Nick’s benefit, though all in his mind or on a computer screen, were ever so real and fully developed.
As for the ending of the play, not sure if the choice of the playwright was my cup of tea…without giving it away I do feel a more dark ending might have suited the play better.
Overall it was a great experience. I had seen Blue Man Group in the afternoon and I found that that to be a “One Trick Pony” were as this performance never left me wandering when I could use the bathroom.
I hope the extension continues and I wish this company well. A fine performance.

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I like "Dark Play" too.

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